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2020 intentions

Christmas and the close of 2019 has been a chance to unwind and recharge.Time to spend with family and friends, walk the dogs and ride the horse. A little yoga practice at home and a welcome opportunity to attend a colleague's wonderful yoga session between Christmas and New Year.

This coming week all classes are back to normal. No doubt they will be busy as everyone sets their new year goals and intentions. So I look forward to seeing you in class this year and to helping you to maintain your focus, practising yoga and movement regularly for the benefit of body and mind. Try to see your weekly class as your chance to refresh what you know and then, a bit like learning to play the piano, take what you have learnt and practise a little each day (or every other day or just twice a week - you get the idea!) so that your yoga becomes a habit. Then if you miss a class your body doesn't miss out! Just a few minutes a day, or an extra half an hour each'll soon notice the benefits.

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